Thursday 4 February 2016

The January Round-Up

Here's a little round up of January's Weekly vlogs. This was my first solid month vlogging and if I'm honest, I found it difficult, but I absolutely loved it. It's so lovely to look back on moments with my friends, boyfriend and family - even moments where I'm sat at my desk having a chat, maybe a little a moan or filling you in on my plans for the day. I feel as a lifestyle blogger, my weekly vlogs sit alongside my channel perfectly. 

Diary displaying 'January' front page & Cup of tea
As far as January's go, this one wasn't too bad! I'd say it's gone pretty smoothly for the start of a new year, but I'm glad it's February and I'm ready to take on this month. With a wrist operation smack bang in the middle of it and university deadlines looming at the start of March it could be a hectic one with many highs and lows, but I'll be taking you along for the ride!

Also Uploaded This Month :: 

Things to note for February :: 

- Don't be scared of blogger events. 
- Get quicker at blow drying your hair. 
- Try to go for more than one 'run'
- Film more friendly faces
- Start to save up for that Canon G7X... swapping lenses when vlogging is not ideal!
- Find some more music, the struggle is very, very real with this one. 



  1. This is a lovely post :) I live in Brighton too and I totally agree with what you said about Verano lounge! It's so nice in there!

    There's a spray you can buy to speed up the time of your blow dry, it's by Schwarzkopf and it's called Got2B mind blowing express dry spray (if you haven't already tried it) :)
    Don't be scared to go to blog events, they are the best thing you will ever do! There's one in Brighton soon too!

    Tania | x

    1. It's a cosy little spot isn't it! Oooh, I'll check that one out. Is that the Bton Blog Meet? I'll be there, will you? :)


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