Monday 9 January 2017

The January 'To-Do' List

It is all very well me setting these New Years Resolutions, but I feel like this year it is important to focus on monthly goals to help me achieve them rather than focusing on the year as a whole. I think it's nice to have a few smaller, less pressing goals that you just want to do, well, because you can! 

I also want to tell you about this steal of a Jumper that I'm slightly OBSESSED with. I had a bit of a 'new year, new improved me' moment when I bought it so clearly, it deserves a blog post. 

- J A N U A R Y -
 T O - D O  L I S T 

- read one book
- start weekly vlogs back up
- peel, chop, slice, dice and freeze fruit ready for morning smoothies
- start meditation, stick to it
- be better at posting about new posts/videos on twitter, facebook, pinterest & instagram.
- find and start my first 30 Day Challenge
- make a good start on the whole 'stop snoozing' my alarm thing...
- clear out my Spotify playlists. It goes back to 2011. Eek.

Now for the jumper. This pale grey and bright yellow bad boy was a steal at just £12 from Primark.

My best friend Charlie and I spotted it at the same time, tried it on and both loved it back in December, so it was purchased there and then. But I knew I wouldn't wear it until the New Year. I'm not entirely sure why, I think the bright yellow just made me feel like it'd be the perfect 'fresh' colour to wear in the New Year and it would make me feel all peppy and productive whenever I put it on. A little odd, but I just went with it, a boost in productivity is always welcome no matter how it comes about. 

The jumper is so lovely and chunky that it feels luxurious and expensive, without the purse actually being hurt in the process. It's also super warm too, which is a huge bonus in chilly January. I'm also thinking it'll look nice in the Spring when you don't need a big coat, but still want to keep warm if the sun goes in!  

Have you set any smaller goals for January?


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