Wednesday 4 January 2017

What Will You Make of 2017?

If you're looking for a bit of 2017 inspiration, this might be just what you need.

This time last year, my brother embarked on a creative journey, a project he called 12x16.

Sam picked a new creative project for each month of 2016. He researched, explored and got completely stuck in to trying new things and meeting new people until he wrapped his month with a final activity.
Sam 12x16 Collage
2 0 1 6   s a w   h i m   :: 
folding origami
flying in gliders
drawing self portraits
fasting for a day
swimming in open lakes
finding colour in a grey London
showing solidarity with our EU neighbours
animating with clay
creating a huge origami installation
learning how to use film cameras
writing songs
and now, telling his story.

This and so much more was what my brothers year consisted of because he chose to reclaim his creativity, leave his comfort zone and he started actually DOING. I think we're all culprits of saying, but not doing at times. I definitely am and I'm inspired to stop watching other people and to get out there and do it myself.

Here's his story. It's just a short video. Already over 10k views in just over a day on Facebook, so be a part of the fun - comment, like & share! 

Join in and do your own version of #12x17 this year!

Get in touch with Sam and keep up with what he's up to next here:



Sam Furness

Sam Furness

12x16 - Tumblr


Get out there and GET INSPIRED in 2017! xx

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