Saturday 2 August 2014

Denver, Colorado

We arrived in Colorado after a super early flight from San Diego. 

We were staying with some friends of my Dad & Step-mum. 

Even the drive to thier house was mesmerising. The air is so clear up in the mountains and the skies seem like the go on forever. The only way we could describe it was 'big skies'. They just surrounded you and felt like they went on forever in every direction, something you rarely feel at home in London or Brighton!

After chatting and exploring their beautiful house, we all bundled in to the cars and headed out for some lunch. 

Full of Tapas we did a spot of shopping, stopping for ice creams on the way! 

That night we visited Red Rocks. The most incredible live music venue I've ever seen. We went to see Brit Floyd (A very popular Pink Floyd tribute band) but I wasn't really going for the music, more so for the atmosphere and experience. 

Just look at that storm looming in the distance. We watched the lighting strike over Denver, then heard the distant rumbles of thunder. Quite incredible to see. 

The next day I took myself off to the shops again. I had 4 adults and 4 kids with me last time, so it wasn't the time for dedicated shopping.

As soon as I saw the half price sale in Steve Madden, I knew I had to make a purchase! 

My Steve Madden 'Dynemite' Heels are my absolute favourites, so comfy and they make your legs go on for days. These wedges were $100, reduced to $50 which makes them about £35. Absolute bargain. 

One year later I can officially tell you these are the comfiest heels I own and I'm now a wedges convert! 

After shopping we met at the river, to cool off! (& 'cool' it was.. believe me!)

Day Three and we made out way to a County Fair! We screamed on ride after ride and feasted on crushed ice. It's just ice and syrup, but I'mma fan! 

This was tempting but thought I'd try and keep my dignity and just watch.

Josh was pretty great at standing in it! 

We booked tickets for the rodeo that night, yeeeee-hah! So glad I experience that on my trip. It's crazy!

Caught this gorgeous sunset on the way there.

Everyone went on a hike, but I'm not really the hiking type (although looking back I should of gone) but I spent the day sunbathing... until a huge thunder storm suddenly appeared. It came out of absolutely no where. 

Alone in a house I didn't know, doors were slamming because of wind, thunder and lighting striking and rumbling... I have to admit it was slightly scary but I took the opportunity to do some song-writing then watch a bit of Pretty Little Liars. 

I did manage to snap some photos of the hummingbirds, which is not an easy task! 

The next day we head off to the Denver Botanical Gardens, which was beautiful! I took hundreds of photos, but I've picked a select few.


We got a little bored at one part, so decided silly selfies were in order.

Next Up: Durango! 

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