Saturday 30 August 2014

A Crêpe Affaire...

Mum & I took ourselves off to Brixton to visit Sam for dinner and a catch up!

He'd recently got back from America so we wanted to hear all about his travels. 

I fell in love with Brixton village as soon as we walked every bar, cafe & restaurant overflowing with people, spilling out on to the paths. 

Hustle and bustle everywhere, everywhere felt alive. I can imagine it's even better in the day when the shops are open too. 

We went to Senzala for dinner, it's a creperie bar & cafe.

We ordered drinks, (virgin mojito for me!) and Sam filled us in on his amazing trip to the USA. He had many funny stories to tell! 

Honest Burgers in the distance is the place I'd like to go to next, but the wait was over an hour that night! 

Food Arrived and, Oh boy, was it good! I'm not a savoury crêpe person, so obviously the solution to this is to have dessert for dinner! 

Caramelised Goat (V)

Goat cheese, caramelized onions and rocket  

King Prawn Cajun

Cheese, prawns, red peppers and red onions, seasoned with Cajun spices, Tabasco and parsley  


Toffee, banana, whipped cream, Belgian chocolate, toasted almonds   

I opted for the Queen of all sweet crepes, the banoffee one. 

Sweet bananas, crunchy toasted almonds, soft whipped cream, thick toffee and melted belgian chocolate drizzled all over...

A little ashamed to admit I couldn't finish it! I was close though, very close...

(The shame I felt in how many calories it contained wasn't helping me reach the 'clean plate club' either...)

The menu is packed full of different choices, there really is something for everyone!
 Definitely a place to visit if you're in London.


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