Friday 8 August 2014

Grand Canyon





Even those words are not enough to describe the Grand Canyon.

I'm warning you know this blog post is STUFFED with photos, but when it comes to the Grand Canyon there's no other way to have it.

We had the loveliest tour guide, for our private tour, pick us up from our hotel. Her opened the car  boot to reveal it was filled with every kind of snack, a huge picnic lunch and nibbles for dinner. 

Anyone who turns up with that much food is a friend of mine! 

As we arrived at our first stop, a storm was creeping over the other side of the canyon. 

An incredible sight to see. Blue skies to the left, storms to the right. 

We drove round to another part, for more amazing views. 

Our tour guide was full of information. He knew the answers to everything and he was such a nice guy.

 He was great at describing things to my brother, Josh,  who is blind. Obviously without sight, the Grand Canyon could be anything I suppose, He really brought the magic to it for Josh.

Such tourists... what can we do with them ey?

After we'd finished being tourists, we came outside to a feast! 

Our tour guide had set out a table full of amazing foods, lots of drinks and china, cutlery & glasses.

Fill to the brim, we were lucky enough to take a little hike into the Canyon. 

This was great for Josh to be able to feel the fossils and different type of rocks. 

Ethan's facial expression says it all.

Just trying to take it all in...

We left just in time to see the sunset.

We were taken to an Indian Ruin, to watch the sunset from the top. 

It was beautiful. 


We walked back down the ruin to find that our tour guide had put out boards of meats and cheese for us to feast on whilst thunder and lightning loomed in the distance. We watched the storm and filled up with the fabulous food then decided to was probably time to head back, to avoid the fork lightning we were watching, getting closer. 

It truly was a day of incredible natural wonders. 

We had a quiet night in the hotel, just relaxing from the exciting and intense day... and that night I decided to start my blog 'Love On The Wall'.

I warned you it was photo heavy, but boy, does it deserve to be. 

Next Up: Sunny San Fransisco! 

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