Saturday 9 August 2014

San Francisco

We flew from Arizona to San Francisco.

I was so happy to be back in California, as it was definitely my favourite place we'd been to so far.

We arrived at our colourful & quirky hotel, Hotel Del Sol!

Desperate for some great food we wandered the steep streets and found the lovely Osha Thai Restaurant. 

Incredible food, presented absolutely beautiful with flowers on everything (So naturally they turned into accessories!)

San Francisco is stunning and I wish we had more time to explore. 

Beautiful houses, row after row. Steep streets everywhere you look!

I regret not researching a little more to find out where the best places to go are, we just wandered, but loved everything we found.

The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty spectacular to see, with Alcatraz opposite. 

Roads that just go up and up and up! 

After filling up in Lou's Diner for lunch, taking silly photos, then gorging on ice creams we made our way to the queue for the Cable Car.

My Dad told me he took a photo of my Mum when they were in San Fran years back, in the exact queue and place we were in, so he insisted on getting one of me too!

We queued for nearly an hour, but there was street entertainment galore to keep us entertained. 

My little brother and I also killed some time by taking a million and one photos... 

He is my favourite unimpressed cowboy, ever.

We hopped on, what felt like, the rather un-safe mode of transport!

It's crazy, people just hanging off the sides and it clambers up and down the hills of San Fran. 

We passed the ever so famous zig-zag road, but didn't stop to walk down it, as we were already on our ride, and let's face it, it's just a road!

We reached the end of our journey and we were dropped into the centre of all things shopping. 

The family left me to do my thaaang and get my shop onnnn! 

The next day, we were up & ready for the drive to Three Rivers.

We went to the Brixton Pub for lunch, were I had a pretty spectacular burger. I loved the glass bottles of water.

We thought we'd stop and check out the Golden Gate Bridge one more time.

 If it didn't cost to drive over it, we would have but seeing as we didn't need to cross, we didn't want to pay for it!

Checking out our 'Colour Changing Nail Varnish' in the sun! 

We took some photos and bought two capri-suns from the cutest little boys who had set up a little stall and clearly been there all morning with their Dad, eager to sell some and make a little bit of pocket money. 

We put a smile on their faces and jumped back in the car to start out long journey!

San Francisco is definitely somewhere I want to visit again, I didn't get to see anywhere near enough of it in two days!

Next Up: Sequoia National Park.

The worlds largest living things and some stonking, great trees!

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