Saturday 16 August 2014

iPhone Life

Just a few snaps from my phone recently. I've been using my DSLR a hell of a lot more recently, but I still take a few quick shots on my iPhone. 

I suppose this is also a bit of a 'Things That Made Me Happy' post too!

I was walking along with Henry, arms round each other and before I know it the little'un had run up behind us and decided he wanted to join!

Micks having a little clean in the dazzling sun. 

I absolutely loved doing my best friend, Abi's hair. Blow drying is my new favourite thing! (even if it does take me hours... baby steps!)

Fresh peas straight from the garden!

Pimms. Nothing beats it on a summer's evening! 

My current favourite breakfast! A smoothie (made in my new blender.. I am definitely the saddest person ever as I was SO excited about getting a blender...) & Greek yoghurt with honey and strawberries!  

Testing out the new hammock in the garden at Henry's family home. 

Perfect Summer lunches. Picnic food will always make me oh so happy. 

Important life lessons from bro to bro.

Hilarious Sundays with family and friends trying on my mums old wedding dress. It hasn't been taken out of the box once since the day in went in there! 

Happy, happy photos from a happy happy girl. 


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