Sunday 10 August 2014

Sequoia National Park

We arrived at our cute little log cabin and immediately headed for the pool. 

It was hot hot hot!

That night, at 3am I woke to receive my A-level results (Dodgy log cabin Wi-fi permitting...)

I received my results, Three B's and bounded out of bed to wake my dad to tell him and give my mum (who was back in the UK a quick ring!) 

I was super excited, so risked my life (I may be exaggerating slightly) due to possible bears in the wild, by heading out on to the balcony to find signal to call my Mumma! 

As I needed very low grades to get into my university I didn't have to be at home for results day. Originally the plan was to head home a week earlier than my family to be back for results, but there was no way I was missing out on San Francisco, Sequoia & LA! 

The next morning, full of to die for French Toast & gorgeous fruit compote, we headed to Sequoia National Park. 

Home of the biggest living thing in the world, General Sherman. 

General Sherman really is huge. Really huge.

The trees in Sequoia are insane. So tall and wide. One after another.

This cheeky one had a little climb on the maahoosive broken tree.

A lot of the trees, due to fire (I think) have started to rot inside, meaning you can get in them!

Years ago, when my dad came here with my Mum. He wrote a beautiful song called Sequoia. 

He told us the one thing he wanted to do whilst we were there was return to the exact place that inspired him to write the song and play it. 

It was actually quite emotional for me, but especially my dad.

I just got to me that he was inspired to write the song when he was here with my Mum, all those years ago. 

And now, he was here with me, listening to that very song. 

Sights taken in, Trees 'wow-ed' at we were ready for the drive to LA. Taking snaps along the way.

This part I was very very ready & very very excited for! 

Next Up: Los Angeles Baby!


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