Tuesday 5 August 2014


On the way to Durango, we stopped off at some hot springs for a dip. 

It's amazing to be in a naturally hot pool! It's like a bath.

We stopped off at a hotel in Montrose for the night. The place where I saw this sign...
 ...and we all tried Bull's Testicles at dinner. Yep...

As soon as we arrived in Durango we went straight to the
White Water Rafting we had booked. 

Oh boy, I was not a fan! 

I  might of been if it weren't for the torrential rain, pea sized hail, thunder and lightning. 
There were many tears. My little brother, Dad, the other family with us and myself all had to get off half way round. My step-mum and brother carried on though. Mentalists. 

This was mainly shaded by trees but gives you an idea of what the hail was like. 

They said in all of the years they had been doing it, it had never been that bad! 

I got over the dramatic experience by watching One Directions 'Best Song Ever' video with Ethan &  dad even bought me a tea from Starbucks and brought it back to the hotel. This equals a happy gee and so did the incredible Hawaiian pizza I had for dinner. I lost the photo of it, but I can picture it now. Melty cheese and soft doughy goodness.

Luckily the sun shone the next day and we hopped onto a Steam train to Silverton. The ride through the mountains was so beautiful. 

We arrived (at the same time as an angry rain cloud) and it turns out there's nothing in Silverton! 

We sheltered from the rain and found the nearest restaurant for lunch

Josh, being Josh, decided to order the Fiery Hot Buffalo Wings despite being warned they were extremely hot... He couldn't even eat it and we didn't let him live it down! (It's all meant with love though of course!)

We purchased the yummiest fudge, my picks being salted caramel and chocolate then headed back to the hotel.

Next Up: Four Corners & Monument Valley!


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