Wednesday 30 July 2014

Laguna Beach

Ahh, Laguna Beach!

The place where I just wanted to drop everything, move to and become a california gurl. 

Alas, this was not possible so I made the most of the two days I spent there! 

The first stop was passing through on our journey to San Diego, so I didn't get to look around as much as I wanted too!

As well as admiring the beautiful views in these shots, I was also admiring the spectacular mullet & visor combo a woman was sporting at the next table along. It was Fabulous Californian Frizz! 

I had the best chicken caesar salad at Hotel Laguna, on Laguna Avenue (I think it was there is google maps serves me well...)

After lunch our feet touched the cali sand for the first time. 

On our second visit we stocked up on fresh fruit, sushi and the most to die for cookies from Whole Foods and enjoyed the sunshine and the beach. 

We buried the boys in the sand, we played catch, we swam in the sea, we jumped over waves and we dined like kings. 

Like father, like son...

Mango sorbet on my new hot pink 'Laguna Beach, Cali' towel.

People are so friendly in the US. I had to carry 4 ice creams back from the street to the beach so they gave me pots & a box to carry the cones in. Two ladies who were waiting to cross the road at the same time as me started chatting to me as they found my 'ice creams with hats' amusing. No one feels afraid to just chat, there's a really friendly amosphere. 

Laguna Beach lifeguard anyone? ;)

Next Up: Denver, Colorado, yeee-hah! 

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