Thursday 3 July 2014

Ladies in Lost Gardens

Whilst in Cornwall soaking up the lovely summer sun, we decided to venture to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. 

These beautiful gardens have been restored after they were neglected after World War One. 

It is absolutely crazy to think that all this beauty was hidden under a thick blanket of brambles, moss and ivy and some of it, even after all this years, is still being discovered. 

'Giants Head'

Look at this cheeky chappy peeking up at us! 

'The Sleeping Goddess'

How serene and peaceful does she look?

Snoozing under the canopy of the spring trees, speckled with sun and shade.

Luce and I being avid rope climbers (naaat) jumped at the chance to climb up this little bank. Our decent was ever so graceful and delicate and definitely did not end up with us both covered in dust and mud...

Spot the figure in the tree....

Ladies legs!
Look at them having a giggle about me, due to the position I had to assume to take this photo over a stream...

...'A blogger's gotta do, what a blogger's gotta do!'

Anyone need a lifeguard?

I love these shots of Mum, Anna and Luce.

Mr Dove popped his head out to say hello! 

All that tree climbing left us knackered so a lunch of organic and delicious food, grown in the garden itself was definitely a good choice. 

Followed up my cornish ice cream, of course!
Sea Salted Caramel for me, Clotted Cream Vanilla for Anna, Oriental Ginger for Lucy and Crunchy Honeycomb for Mum.

Perfect doors for littl'uns like Luce and I...

Have a watch of the vlog I filmed during our trip!


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