Monday 14 July 2014

The Brunch Bunch

On a lazy, sunny morning in Brighton I want nothing more than brunch, consisting of a stack of pancakes drowning in syrup.

So that's what I got! 

Myself, Hen and Garf took ourselves to Verano Lounge. One of my favourite little places in Brighton to grab a bite too eat. 

Mismatching cushions and furniture in a big room with hundreds of paintings on the walls.

 I love the uniqueness of this little place. It's not just like any other place, you can tell real effort has been put in.

Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great for sipping on fruity and exciting cocktails, or for getting your foamy cappuccino to wake you up the morning after... 

It took me a while to choose, I'm indecisive and it's a menu crammed with goodness. I wanted it all! 

Milkshakes for everyone! Vanilla for Henry, Strawberry for Garf and Peanut Butter for myself. I'm one of those people who loves to mix sweet and salty and this milkshake hit the spoooottt. The men weren't such big fans...

The food's arrived! 

Sweet, salty, soft and crunchy... so mouthwateringly good.


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