Tuesday 4 February 2014

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I think this is my favourite post to write. It makes me focus on what makes me happy and the good things that happened this week. 

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1. Easter chocolate being on the shelves. It's early, yes, but who doesn't love Creme Egg season?

2. Filming my first vlog. Nerve wracking and scary, but I did it! Watch it here!

3. Fentimans Rose Lemonade. It's so refreshing! 

4. Having sushi for lunch or dinner. I'd eat it for every meal if I could! Healthy and super tasty.

5. Having a night with an Indian takeaway and scary films with the boys & Bea. It was nice not being the only girl telling the boys to shut up during the films ha!

6. My new Urban Outfitters Coat. £125 reduced to £35... I couldn't say no!

7. Zoe's video for Tanya Burr to say congratulations for the Lipgloss and Nail Varnish range. It's the cutest thing and put a big smile on my face. Watch it here!

8. Painting my nails mint green and my toes bright orange... It's only February and I'm already anticipating spring/summer!

9. Spending some time with my little brother last weekend. He made 'charts' all on his own and stuck them on the wall... 'Henree' was in his good books, lots of ticks! 'Go' (said 'Jor'... a cute attempt at my name) had a lot of crosses... what have I done?!

10. Sundays. I don't like the looming Monday, but the laziness of sundays is my favourite. Sunday was spent slouched in a bean bag, leggings and a comfy jumper on, watching the rugby, flitting between writing blog posts and my university essay with a hot chocolate in hand. 

What's made you smile this week?


  1. I love your 10things lists! It's so positive and makes your life seem to happy and joyful =D

    1 - I love ester eggs as much as the next person but - ITS FEBRUARY! So eeearly! Some people haven't even gotten their valentines chocolate yet lolol.2 - Cool! I'd love to watch your vlog! (there's no link though O_O) I made a vlogy thing too but its taking forever to upload... might cancel!! 3 - Mmmm.... 4 - I like sushi. The seaweed wrap one is curiously delicious. 5 - Aw! that's so nice.

    6 - I LOVE reductions like that!! I got these £67 boots for £10 once... a bit too small but I didn't much care (hehehe). 7 - Tanya Burr... she's a Youtuber, isn't she? 8 - I can imagine mint-coloured nails looking really pretty. 9 - aww! aww! My younger brother is too old for such cuteness now, he's a teen (e_e) 10 - I like sundays too, even though I work on that day.

    This 10things feature is a great idea, you should definitely continue. It really made me smile. Great post!

    1. Aww thank you so much! I have added the link for my vlog, I forgot to add it! Thank you for your lovely comments on my posts, it means a lot! The post idea is from Cider With Rosie, which is a lovely blog you should check out! xx

    2. Oooooo, Cider with Rosie? sure thing! :D


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