Tuesday 18 February 2014

A Blog Series: Home Sweet Home

Hello there beauties!
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Living in a student flat, you can't really decorate or make it 'homey'. I am forever thinking about when I can finally have a little house/flat that I can call my own and make it how I'd like it. I read blogs about making a house a home all the time and I get so jealous because I want to do that right now!

Although I can't make my flat nice, I can make my bedroom lovely and just how I like it, and I have. My room is full of little things I love; photos, candles, cute and interesting books and fairy lights. As part of this 'Home Sweet Home' series I will be filming a Room Tour so keep your eyes peeled for that!

So, as I can only lust over things I'd put in my own house, I thought I'd start a blog/vlog series! You can expect to see room inspiration, storage ideas, wish/want lists and haul of bits and pieces I pick up for my room. Luckily a lot of things I see (unless they're kitchen or bathroom things) will work in my room.. or at least I will find a way to make them work! (I definitely get this from my mum whose job is in interior design!)

Check back on Sunday for the next 'Home Sweet Home' post!

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