Sunday 16 February 2014

Nothing Beats Movies & Pizza!

Valentines day was spent being super lazy, eating lots and watching films! Just thought I'd share a few photos from the day. They're not the greatest of photos, seriously bad natural light and I wasn't really focusing on getting great photos, just a few for the memories!

I woke up early to make us both pancakes. I totally cheated and bought a mix and, even then, still managed to fail miserably. They were edible and tasted fine, but look like pancakes they did not... I've decided I will master the art of pancake making in 2014!

My presents to Henry. Yes, it does look like I've done a weekly shop for him... But I decided to buy him some of this favourite things! 

My presents from my lovely man. We both got each others mugs so tea was on constant flow that day!

I think I'm still full from all the pizza... it was so good though! 

As soppy as it is, Henry makes me super happy and I'm a very lucky girl!
What did you get up to on Valentines Day?



  1. We did similar - just stayed in and enjoyed each others company :)

    I'm RUBBISH at pancakes too, planning on buying some pre-mix for Pancake Day but I'm guessing they'll still look shocking! At least it's only a few more weeks until you can practice again :D x

    1. It was nice to just spend time together and not spend a fortune at the same time! :)
      Indeed, It's so much harder than I thought it would be! Where is my mum when I need her?! haha! x

  2. Hahaha, we use a mix now! For convenience, really. The properly made pancakes still taste nicer though, in my opinion. Might be because my sister goes nuts with the sugar, who can tell. *shrug*

    What a cool, chilled out day! I often forget to try Dominos pizza and always end up getting Pizza Hut. I'll try Dominos one day. Er, after I get over my Tinseltown addiction. Well, it's not an ADDICTION as such.... but hey, good food! Whatever, dude!

    I love the new design of your blog, by the way! It was pink before, wasn't it? (Or was that another blog??! O_O oops.)
    Great post!

    1. Thank you! No, that was this blog :)
      Try dominos sometime, it's soooo good!


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