Sunday 1 September 2013

10 Things That Made Happy This Week

-- 21st August 2013 - 1st September 2013 --

A week and half, I know, but I started on a Wednesday. I will continue as Monday to Sunday after this! This post was inspired by Cider With Rosie. Her blog is beautiful and I can't stop myself once I start reading, Go and have a look for yourself!

1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 - My own photos. 3, 4 - from Tumblr, source unknown. Please let me know if you know. 6 - 7 - Ellie Goulding 'Burn' Artwork. 

1. Coming home from an incredible month long road-trip around America. It was an unforgettable holiday with my family but I was so happy to get home to see my Mumma and big brother again!

2. After 34 days apart, I have finally been reunited with my boyfriend. I've never been so happy to see him!

3. Having to start thinking about autumn/winter clothing. I can't get enough of knitted jumpers, chunky scarves and warm hats so I can't wait to get layering again!

4. I've started buying things and making lists for things I need in my new bedroom in my student house! Now September is here, moving day is getting closer and closer... eek!  

5. Having happy, healthy, holiday skin! There's nothing better than having a bit of colour on your face and therefore having to wear less makeup!

6. English Breakfast Tea. I have ALWAYS been a tea girl, but I can't stress how much I appreciate English tea after being in America. Ice Tea in the USA? Amazing. Hot Tea in the USA? Not so much.

7. Burn - Ellie Goulding. It's on repeat, such a great song.

8. Costa's signature smoked ham and free range egg farmhouse sandwich... mmm!

9. My new 'Gold threaded, Chunky Knitted, Zip Back Jumper' From Boohoo.
Always exciting to start the Autumn/Winter wardrobe. 

10. Seeing 'This Is Us' One Direction's film... in 3D (just picture it... Harry Styles in 3D... yes it is THAT good!) in Leicester Square with two of my best friends after a great day in London. Also, the fact that I am still listening to 'Best Song Ever' at least five times a day & I still think it is, indeed, the best song ever and shall remain so for a long time.

This weekend I also saw Lucy Blackwell, Live, at Sun Scream Festival at Thorpe park. Nothing better than seeing one of your best friends doing something they absolutely love! A great day with lovely people and lots of ride inflicted eye watering! This day will also be the feature of my first ever vlog, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Check out her Lady In Waiting EP here! What did you get up too this weekend?



  1. Thanks so much for linking to me lovely lady! Loved reading your list! :)

  2. Oh I'm just addicted to anything Ellie Goulding puts out. She has such a serenading voice.


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