Monday 9 September 2013

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

-- 2nd September 2013 - 8th September 2013 -- 

new hair excitement!
1. Making plans to see my friends before we all go off to university!

2. Spending an evening with Ben's family. Lots of laughs, wine and games!

3. The ending to Gossip Girl... Read my blog post, here. It says it all there! 

4. The smell of a candle just after it's been blown out. The perfect autumn/winter smell. 

5. Thyme, Parmesan, Goats Cheese & Prosciutto Risotto. Some small changes to Jamie Oliver's recipe. It's delicious!

6. Getting my haircut. Nothing better than the feeling you have leaving the salon with new hair! 

7. My gig last night. It's been a while since I got up on stage and sang my absolute heart out! 

8. My little brother in his adorable uniform ready to start year one!

9. Going shopping for Uni bits. I have always loved Ikea!

10. Going to the till with my new brogues and finding out they had been reduced to £10.

What made you happy this week? <3


  1. I will unabashedly admit that I watched and enjoyed all of Gossip Girl and just adored the ending too!

  2. Making me happy lately: twinkle lights all over the house, cat snores, coffee we brought back from New Orleans, hopeful wishing for autumn, my husband's laugh, friends who bring me trashy magazines and Cheetos, stitching my own clothing. Lovely post!


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