Friday 6 September 2013

Gossip Girl! Spoiler Alert!

'GG' WARNING. If you watch Gossip Girl and you are behind, like I was, and do not yet know the truth about Gossip Girl's identity and you don't wish to find out... STOP READING! I say this due to the fact I spent months and months avoiding seeing the ending on social networking sites and in magazines! Due to the generosity of my lovely boyfriend, Ben, I now own the final series of Gossip Girl and have seen the final episode!

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Who would of ever thought Dan was Gossip Girl?! What an absolute shock.. but I was so happy that they didn't all hate him for it! I could not be happier with how it ended! I genuinely squealed... multiple times! Right from Series 1, I completely loved Dan and Serena's relationship and I was gutted when they broke up because they're parents were together. It was the happiest of endings when everyone had come together for thier wedding and Serena walked down the stairs in the most beautiful dress with an incredibly hot Dan Humphrey standing at the bottom, looking up at her.

Of course, the ultimate power couple, Chuck and Blair, ended up together, and with a gorgeous mini-Chuck too! I think everyone always knew that was going to happen, but it was question of when it would happen for good! Blair also had an incredibly beautiful wedding dress! Jenny & Eric were back and it was like happy families all over again! I will forever be obsessed with the fashion, friendships and relationships in Gossip Girl, it was like a perfect life on the Upper East Side, but with constant scandal which made it even more exciting.

Am I the only person who gets a little emotional over a one of thier favourite programs coming to an end? I've been watching Gossip Girl, admiring, all the cast members for 6 years! Although I have trusty DVD's to watch re-runs whenever I want too! It'll be the same with 90210 soon, when that finishes in the UK. I still can't bring myself to watch the last episode of Friends again, despite it finishing 9 years ago! I guess it's knowing that it's been the biggest thing in the casts life for the past 6 years, make me emotional. I can't imagine how it must feel for it too all be over! I get emotional when a performance that I've been in for three nights comes to an end... let alone 6 years!

“[Gossip Girl] was just such a love affair with the city and everything it had to offer, from the fashion, to the food, to the music.” – Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) 

Blake Lively will still 100% remain a huge inspiration of mine: In Life, Beauty, Fashion and Hair!

Credit:; FameFlynet

Right.. That's nearly got all of my excitement and emotion out of me! And right now, the only thing that seems appropriate is...


Gossip Girl

(forgive me for that... i'm just excited aha!) 


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