Friday 7 October 2016

Bare Legs & Boots - Stepping Outside Your Style Comfort Zone

There's something just so Autumnal about being able to wear bare legs with boots. Grab a pair of your softest knee high socks, a simple denim skirt and suede boots and you're good to go for a crisp, but beautifully sunny Autumn day. 

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, there'll be a little post coming soon to document my many loves of Autumn, but the change in wardrobe has to be one of the best bits. Swapping your maxi dress for knitted dress, your cami tops for oversized jumpers and your sandals for chunky heeled boots. There's something about layering that I find so exciting, thinking of different combinations and new ways to style up, not just your favourite items, but the items that had been in the drawers just waiting for Summer to end so they could hop back onto your hangers again. 
I feel like sometimes you have to jump out of your comfort zone with fashion. It's lovely to play it safe, but sometimes putting on something you feel maybe too dressy or over the top or accentuating the parts you'd usually want to hide, might be just the confidence boost you'd been looking for. 

I've never been a big fan of my legs, I know they're not huge, it's rather silly to be honest, but we all have those things we're self conscious about. I have my legs out if I want to, I don't let it bother me to that extent. To wear an outfit that the only part of me that's really on show is my thighs is definitely nearing the edge of my comfort zone, I felt a little bit like I'd be framing the part of my body I'm most conscious about. But did I do it anyway? I sure as hell did. 

It crossed my mind that I may look silly, I was just pottering about with Henry, popping into town and then heading home, but I just thought go for it. I wanted to wear it and I knew I'd probably feel great in it and I did feel great in it, really great in fact! I didn't think about legs at all, I felt really confident. 

So what I'm trying to say is that sometimes your comfort zone is there to be pushed and nine times out of ten you'll feel a million dollars for doing so.  
If you follow my blog, you'll know I really like to keep things as affordable as possible. A lot of this outfit is from Primark, completely by coincidence. I paired my A-line demin skirt with this new deep red and blue check shirt, both from Primark. I thought I'd bring a lighter colour in to the mix with my cream knitted socks, then with my black suedette boots from Primark too. (Which, after this shoot and a day of wearing them, got completely stuck on my foot and I had to seriously wriggle out of them! Damn you zip!) I then added my black fedora from Accessorize and a berry lip. 

w h a t   i ' m   w e a r i n g 

Red Check Shirt - Primark
Denim A-Line Skirt - Primark 
Black Suedette Boots - Primark 
Black Fedora - Accessorize 
Berry Lipstick - Collection 'Duluxe'
Socks - I have no idea! These are similar. 

I'm making the most of outfits like this whilst we still have some sunshine and it's not too bitterly cold outside! I pushed outside my comfort zone and had not one regret, I highly recommend it. 

What personal fashion boundaries are you going to be pushing down this season? 

Photos taken by Henry Gottelier on an Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 45mm lens.

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