Friday 21 October 2016

Autumn Candles - Bath & Bodyworks Dupes Under £4!

Do you ever watch Zoella's Bath & Body Works Hauls and want to weep just a lil' bit because you know none of those candles are available to you? Yeah me too. 

But fear not, I have the most affordable and 'good-enough-to-eat' scented candles that are available here in the UK! 

My love of Autumn meant I was determined to find some autumn scented candles, I personally feel they're the ultimate scent to make you feel cosy. There's pumpkin scents, spicy scents, sweet scents, the lot.

Home Sense // TK Maxx

Chesapeake Bay Candle - all £3.99

White Pumpkin - Sweet, slightly spicy.

Fall Foliage - Sexy man smell. Yep. It's a thing.

Cosy Cashmere - Vanilla, with a hint of spice. 

Tesco Home

Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle - 99p each. 

Apple Cinnamon Cider - It smells exactly true to its name, very Christmassy, 

B&M Stores

Essence Candles - £2.99

My mum spotted these candles and picked them up for me. I probably wouldn't of picked 'Apple Orchard' as I wanted spicy, sweet scents not fruity, but oh. my. god. this is my favourite.

Apple Orchard - Smells nothing like an apple orchard but like maple syrup and cinnamon. mmm.

Radiant Red Maple - Sweet, sugary, maple syrup scent (but not sickly sweet) with a hint of subtle spice. 

These are the ultimate Bath & Body Works Dupes looks-wise too. Make sure you leave them burning for long enough each time, so the wax melts evenly and you get the most out of the candle.
I am so over the moon I found these candles and that none of them were over £4! 

The burn-time is great so far, but despite that I feel like I should panic buy some more before I run out... possibly a bit dramatic when I've got 12 candles to burn! 

Do any of these satisfy your autumn candle cravings?

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