Monday 17 October 2016

Taking It All In

If I can urge you to do one thing this week, it'd be to get outside and take it all in. 
Bright Red/Orange Leaves

Living in a city for three years, meant my view of the seasons changing was limited. I left for uni in September, returned for weekend trips in November and the leaves would be all sorts of colours,  then home for Christmas in December and they'd be turning into mulch on the ground. 

I always used to come home and say 'I miss trees! They're so pretty!' and it was true! Every time I came home, a season had changed and I couldn't believe the beauty that came with it. 

Tunnel of Fur Trees
Kittens by the Tree
Red Berries

I'm finding it almost breathtaking, which sounds SO dramatic, I know. I can not believe the bright reds, firey oranges, popping yellows and lime greens that are shedding from the trees. Driving through the country lanes I'm seeing these pops of colour above me that I haven't been around to witness due to city dwelling during term time. 

Pile of autumn leaves
Blue Shed covered in leaves

If you find yourself with a spare five minutes this week, just go outside and take in just how beautiful Autumn is. It becomes the norm, it happens every year and it's far too easy to take for granted the beauty of it all. 

Bright Yellow Leaves

It's always been my favourite time of year and I'm so happy to live in the countryside to appreciate it all properly. I've been getting excited, writing autumn to-do lists and lists of lovely autumnal things.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?


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