Monday 31 October 2016

10 Things {31st October}

October has been a BUSY one. I've finished my internship at The Blogger Programme, I was struck with a serious cold half way through the month and my weekends have been jam packed of fun times with friends. I thought I'd just write down a few things that have made me happy recently! Outfit Photo on Steps
1. Happy Halloween! I loved getting all dressed up and heading to a big halloween party with my best friends on Saturday. So much fun, you can see my outfit here on my instagram!
2. The big crisp, bright red apples we got to devour on a dog walk through some orchards last week. They were delicious. 
3. Autumn Colours - seriously HOW are trees SO beautiful?!
4. Hungry Hands Zoella Beauty Hand Cream. Smells good enough to eat.
5. Babysitting my little brother on Friday night. We had some lovely, long overdue brother sister time. He's growing up so fast so I cherish the moments he still wants to have a cuddle (although he tells me that will never stop, I'm not sure future 15 year old Ethan will agree!) How he is 9 on Wednesday, I'll never know! 
6. My new camel coat from New Look. I feel all kinds of swishy and sophisticated in it. Style post & lookbook coming >>very<< soon. 
7. Making plans for bonfire night. Looks like mine will consist of family, friends, fireworks and food! 
8. Lighting all the autumn candles and turning on the fairy lights on dark afternoons. 
9. Having a huge wardrobe clear out. I didn't have much of a choice as my wardrobe rail collapsed and my clothes have spent a little while in a huge heap, but it feels good to have sorted through, put the summer clothes away, make it neat and tidy and fill up a charity bag. 
10. Henry. He's makes me smile everyday and has been such a babe helping me shoot outfits and film recently. 

What's made you happy recently? 

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  1. Autumn candles make me so happy, and I also love the trees during this time of the year. Walking through Hyde Park takes my breath away every single time! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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