Monday 4 September 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week { 04.09.17 }

A rainy, yet very productive Monday. 

Today felt like the perfect time to get back into the swing of things on my blog. It's been more of a struggle than I'd probably like to admit to keep up a schedule with my blog and YouTube channel recently. Work life blew up a bit throughout the Summer and with that and spending time with friends and family, everything slipped a little bit. With September giving everyone that 'back to school' feeling (do you ever really shake that?) it's the perfect time to get my routine back.
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Editing, Editing, Editing. 
I'm kicking off September with one of my favourite blog posts, filling you in on 10 things that have made me happy recently. It always feels like these posts are a little like a life update, but with appreciation for the smaller things in life too. 

1. I've just got home from a wonderful week in Polzeath, Cornwall with my boyfriend and family. We had surf lessons everyday with the most incredible team of surfing instructors and had such a happy week. A seaside guide to Polzeath will be up on Friday so keep an eye out.
2. The last few days of late summer, leading in to beautiful Autumn. 
3. A beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp I picked up last month. 
4. Celebrating my Grandpa's 90th Birthday and Granny and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary yesterday. Without a doubt the luckiest family in the world to have these two heroes leading the way. 
5. One Second Every Day app. After seeing Zoella's video I really wanted to give it a go myself. I've managed to piece together clips from before I bought the app from vlogs and have done it consistently since then. Lots of happy memories! 
6. Autumn/Winter TV is back. Doctor Foster, Great British Bake Off, Cold Feet, Strictly... just so much cosy night in viewing! 
7. Collecting up the fresh plums, tomatoes and strawberries in the garden whilst house-sitting for Dad last week. Like finding hidden treasure! 
8. Henry's curly beach hair. MY HEART. 
9. The thought of the next few month, my absolute favourite months of the year! 
10. Planning and pinning Autumn style ideas on Pinterest. All the chunky knits, mini skirts and boots.

What's made you happy recently? 

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