Friday 15 September 2017

Seaside Guide: Polzeath, Cornwall

This time two weeks ago I was enjoying a beach bbq, complete with slightly burnt sausages and toasted marshmallows, the most beautiful sunset, great company and, thankfully, a big thick jumper (1st September evening beach BBQ's aren't that warm, just fyi.) 

The perfect final evening of our week long holiday in Polzeath, Cornwall.

I completely fell in love with this little seaside town, so thought I'd write up a Seaside Guide - similar to my St Ives one, with my top places to stay, eat and this time, surf. It's a mix of camera photos and personal phone photos as I wasn't concentrating on it too much, I just wanted to enjoy quality time with the family (and if I'm honest lifting anything heavier than a feather hurts after surfing for 6 days straight soooo...)

S T A Y 

We stayed in Drumfish, (found on Latitude 50) for a week and it was perfect for our family of 6. You can admire the beautiful sea view, with the most wonderful view of the sunset on the large balcony. It's got three double bedrooms and a lovely upstairs open kitchen/dining/lounge space. It's in a really practical place to pop back and forth from the beach too. 

We witnessed some serious sunsets during out stay, it was hard to pick just one photo! Every night we'd rush outside to capture the sun at different points as it disappeared and left behind pink/grey fluffy clouds and an orange glow. 

F O O D  &  D R I N K 

Surfside - I had the Lobster Mac & Cheese and Heirloom Tomato salad. If I could relive this meal every day, I would. All the fish dishes were amazing, but the tomato salad was the stuff of DREAMS.
The Cracking Crab - Delicious fish dishes alongside some crazy dressing up costumes - which of course, my family ended up wearing!
Rum Bar - absolute hidden GEM. If rum cocktails, palm trees and gypsy kings sound like your kind thing you'll fit right in here. The best on a sunny day - as there's little shelter for rain! - you'll feel like you've just landed on a tropical island. 
Cone Zone - Perfect beach pit stop for smoothies, ice creams and pasties!


Surf's Up Surf School
There's plenty of choice when it comes to surfs schools in Polzeath, but if you want one with a team of absolute babe instructors who are there to help with anything and everything, then there's really no other than Surf's Up. From booking lessons and picking out your wetsuits to popping up on your board in the water and providing you with photo evidence, they've got you covered. Friendly and fun, these guys really are awesome and I really hope I'll get to learn with them again.

Big thanks to Nisha, Goose and Harry for all the help and to Ryan Perring for these awesome photos!

Already excited for another visit to beautiful Polzeath. 


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