Monday 19 October 2015

Zoella Beauty: Wonder Hand

I always forget to look after my hands. If I don't have a nice hand cream in all the places I could possibly need one, then the chances are it will not even cross my mind. I was so happy to see Zoe had brought out a hand cream in the original scent of her Zoella Beauty range. I love the newer tutti-fruity scent, but I think the original scent is slightly more appropriate for autumn and winter - when your hands are really in need of some serious TLC. The packaging is beautiful, so it sits proudly on my desk, where I can see it/remember it exists! The rose gold tube is such a lovely touch and makes it extra special. It sinks in very quickly, which is super important for me as I hate having greasy hands, but the fresh scent still lingers which is lovely. If you've been thinking of purchasing Wonder Hand or you're on the hunt for a new hand cream, I would definitely recommend this one!

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