Wednesday 28 October 2015

Favourite Things {two}

Whilst I sit here sipping on Lemsip and resisting the temptation to cough in fear of the pressure in my head making my brain explode... I thought I'd take five and focus on some of my favourite things!
Sunny mornings♥ 

- An extra hour of sleep. On Saturday the clocks went back which means an extra hour of sleep and darker evenings, which excites me greatly.

- Embracing Autumn. As I was home for the weekend, I made the absolute most of being surrounded by trees, crunchy leaves, pumpkins and puddles. I threw on my wellies, grabbed my Olynpus Pen and headed straight outside to snap away. I miss seeing the Autumnal changes so much whilst I'm in Brighton. The colours were just insane, I'll have a blog post up soon full of photos.

- Coffee. I've really started loving it recently and I blame Small Batch Coffee entirely, due their super creamy coffees and pretty latte art. (Yes, I'm a sucker for it.)

- Weekly Vlogs. I thought I'd bite the bullet and film a weekly vlog and I absolutely loved doing it. Have you seen it yet?

What's made you happy this week?♥ 


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