Tuesday 21 July 2015

life lately...

I just feel like having a little ramble, really. Just a few goings on in my life, things that have made me happy.

- Seeing the glowing faces of the newlyweds on Saturday Evening. An absolutely beautiful wedding for two absolutely beautiful people! 

- Taking the time out to actually read some blogs again. Youtube is easy to pop on and binge watch, but I really do love it when I take the time out to read inspiring words and admire beautiful photos taken by fellow bloggers. 

- Snapping away on my Olympus Pen. This camera has already revolutionised the way I blog and it fills me with joy that I can now create so many of the images that are currently just bobbing about in my mind! 

- Enjoying a spot of successful holiday shopping!

- I love being at home, but I miss the beach and the buzz of Brighton on a daily basis! 

- Wild flowers in jars brightening up my room. They're from the wedding, as there were so many when we tidied up on Sunday. Such a happy little reminder!

- A very special dress handmade for me by my Granny. The perfect summer dress. I can't wait to shoot some photos of it.

What's made you happy recently? :)

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