Monday 6 July 2015

Summer Hair: Balayage

I've never been too adventurous with my hair. Throughout school it was pretty popular to dye your hair various different colours from a deep red, to blonde, to black and although it was tempting, I just stuck with my brunette locks. When I was 16 I got a half head of highlights and loved having some lighter streaks through my hair. I was desperate for an ombre (After watching 90210 and loving Annie's hair!) but just didn't have the guts. Right up until this week in fact, I didn't have the guts to just do it. My mum said if I kept getting highlights they'd grow out into an ombre/balayage look anyway so I was happy with highlights for the time being.
In December I took the plunge and just booked the appointment... for July! So this had been a long time coming! My wonderful hairdresser said it'd suit me and that my highlights had grown out into a subtle balayage anyway (Well done Mumma, you were right!)

An early start, a cup of tea, a few magazines and three hours later, my hairdresser had transformed my hair and I couldn't be happier with it! She has put the blonde in so nicely, it's lighter around my face and there no harsh lines. My hair is thick and long, so I've had some weight taken out and a good few inches of dry ends chopped off so it feels so much more manageable for Summer! 

I got my hairdresser to snap this when she'd finished, the photos slightly dark but it shows how well it's been done. I am so happy I just took the risk and went for it, I absolutely love it! 


  1. Stunning, this is the look I was going for a few months ago but mine didn't turn out as nice, unfortunately. Luckily rectified it but it's definitely made me nervous of hairdressers :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Thank you! Oh no! Glad you sorted it. Take the time to find someone you really trust, I have the same woman every time now! :) xx

  2. Oh WOW! The new hair looks incredible. LOVING the curls and the colour is gorgeous x

  3. You look lovely! Your hairdresser did a fine job giving you the right shade and curl that looks best for you. I’m sure you’re thrilled to sport this hairstyle for long. Stay gorgeous, Georgia! :)

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom


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