Monday 29 June 2015

Burgers & Cocktails {brighton}

You know that feeling when you're best friends/housemate is leaving Brighton for good, so all you want to do is get drunk and eat burgers? Yeah, that. 

My dearest housemate, partner in crime, best friend and future WWE tag-team partner (that may be unrealistic goal) is returning home after one year in Brighton to start a different university course at another uni. I'm gonna miss the girl like crazy so we decided to spend out last night doing what we do best, drinking and eating and then drinking some more. 

After testing out some cocktails during Happy Hour (5-7pm!) a few weeks back, we thought we'd test out Burgers & Cocktails in Brighton again. It's part of the Giraffe chain so I was eager to try it out. 
Passionfruit Mojito for me and a Laid Back Jack for Fran. The best passionfruit mojito I've ever had!

Funky and fun decor with live music events too, this place is great to take friends for food and drinks. I'll be taking the Mr there for a date at some point! The waiting staff were great too, we had a waiter and a waitress, I didn't catch their names but they were absolutely lovely - up for a laugh and super attentive!

Happy Hour was nearly ending, so we may have ordered in a few drinks to keep us going. The cocktails are incredible, there is something for everyone. Fruity, sour, sweet, creamy, frozen, all sorts! Even one they set on fire, make incredible sparks fly then get you to blow out the fire and drink the shot (That's the Flaming Mon, a favourite!) Happy Hour makes them half price so for around £3.50 each, you seriously can't go wrong!
Food arrived and oh boy, It was great. I had a Bacon and Cheeseburger. Juicy beef burger, crunchy lettuce, crispy bacon, molten cheese and special sauce and of course, extra pickles, all in a brioche bun, which makes it taste even better! Fran went for the Falafel & Halloumi Burger which she said was also absolutely delicious and full of flavour. It was tough to pick from the yummy sides, but we went for sweet potato fries which were super, super tasty. 

 So If you're planning a trip to Brighton and you're looking for a great place to grab a bite to eat or have some fruity cocktails, I'd definitely recommend Burgers & Cocktails!


  1. Oh WOW! Those burgers look incredible. Love the cute top you're wearing in this. And I think I speak for all your readers when I say we can't wait to see you both taking the WWE by storm! x

    1. Thank you! Haha! That comment has absolutely made my day! x

    2. You're very welcome. It's all part of the service! ;-) x


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