Monday 15 June 2015

Blogging When You're Busy...

I've just finished my second year at university and one thing I realised this term was how tricky it was to keep juggling all the different things I want to do in life. Something had to be put on the back burner and in this case it was my blog. I didn't neglect it, but if I had to be writing an essay on market research, I couldn't be writing a blog post about my new shoes. I also had to put going to the gym on the back burner as I just felt guilty if I wasn't at home writing essays and revising. I've put together a few tips on keeping on top of things when you're busy.

- Top Tips - 

Don't push yourself.
If you have to get an essay done, revise for an exam or write up a report for work then make time for it and if you have to put other things on hold, that is okay. Your health is the most important things, a blog post can wait. Make the time to get the things you really need to get done, done and then if you're too tired to do the extra things, don't push yourself to do them.

Do what works for you. 
If you friend can spend all day working and you have to have breaks, that's fine. Everybody works differently so don't compare yourself to others, just do what works for you. If your break means taking an hour out to shoot some photos and write a post then do it, if it means going out for some fresh air and taking time out, that do that.

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.
If you do set some time aside to write up some blog posts, write a few if you can, then schedule them to go up throughout that week. This way your blog won't fall behind but you don't have to keep thinking about it. You can even schedule tweets about your posts too, with apps such as TweetDeck.

Don't stress.
We are all human and understand people have busy lives, your readers won't mind if you don't have the time to write new posts when you have deadlines or are very busy at work/ You blog because you love it, don't make it something that worries you.



  1. This is great! I'm so busy at the moment with two jobs, my blog, a relationship, a university society committee member and training a new puppy! It's so hard to keep up blogging. xx

    1. Thanks! Wow, you're very busy. Just remember to take some time off for yourself too! x

  2. wish i'd read this before my exams haha! I only started my blog in January but I slacked over exam period - i definitely should have scheduled some blog posts!


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