Sunday 22 February 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

This week has been a stressful one. It's been absolutely non-stop! Lectures, job interviews, Beauty Chat LIVE, gigs, rehearsals, family visits, essays, open mic nights, all sorts. It finished off with a few days at home, which has been absolutely lovely. But I was accompanied by a cold that had been ready to pounce all week, slowly getting worse as the it went on. So, I'm currently on the sofa, watching friends, sipping tea, stocked up on cold & flu tablets and wrapped up in a blanket. This week I feel I need to look back and find the good things, the things that made me smile. It's left me feeling a little deflated and unmotivated! 

1. The bloom of purple and red tulips that have sat on my desk, looking beautiful, all week. A valentines day gift from my love. 

2. Beauty Chat LIVE. Anna and Lily's night at Space NK was fantastic. I wrote a blog post about it, you can read that here. 

3. Pancakes! Need I say more?

4. Cat cuddles. It's good to back with my little cat, Mickey, to have a snuggle on the sofa. Also to meet Henry's sister new little kitty, Jett. He is absolutely teeny!

5. Not getting on an Open Mic night on Wednesday. The list seemed to fill up within seconds and by the time I went to sign up it was full. I was sad as my dad had come to see me, but we decided to all bundle into Henry's flat and chat, sing, laugh and play for the rest of the evening. Turned out to be a great night.

6. The Great British Comic Relief Bake Off is gracing our TV screens again. Plus, Zoella was on it! Go #TeamInternet! 

7. Fleur De Force's Feb-Vlogs. I've really been enjoying her videos recently and can't get enough, so daily vlogs are perfect! I need to get my hands on her book, it looks fantastic. 

8. Total Divas. I'm obsessed with this show at the moment. Erm, when can I become a Bella Twin?

9. The sun making an appearance this week. It's made me so excited for Spring. 

10. I'm going on holiday! The bookings for a holiday in September have started and I'm already planning outfits in my head... too early? 

What's made you happy this week?




  1. Hope you feel better soon! Those flowers look gorgeous, I've been watching Fleur's vlogs as well and they have been so good this year. I'm going on holiday in August/September so am super excited and have no idea what to wear since it's been a decade since I last had a holiday! XD x

    Dee |

  2. The tulips are so beautiful! It looks like you had a lovely week! xx


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