Saturday 7 February 2015

Review // Mask of Magnaminty

I'll be honest, I've not always been a massive fan of 'thick' face masks. I've always loved the 99p peel off face masks, purely for the satisfaction of peeling them off... but god knows if they actually did my skin any good?!

But, theres a new product in my skincare drawer and I'm loving it! It's the 'Mask Of Magnaminty' from LUSH. A very cooling and cleansing face mask that leaves your skin feel super soft, very clean and fresh!

It smells minty (Obviously!) but it isn't overpowering, just very refreshing!

I like to put it on, light some candles and zone out for ten minutes before washing it off to reveal super soft skin. It feels cooling and tingly whilst it dries, a nice sensation in my opinion. 

Taking it off can be slightly messy - like any clay masks I suppose - so I like to use a muslin cloth/flannel to help, but the exfoliating beads do your skin some good when you take it off too. 

This mask can be used anywhere on the body and, of course, is made of completely natural ingredients (with one 'safe synthetic' ingredient) and is not tested on animals. I would definitely repurchase this again, but for now I've got a big pot to last me! 


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