Monday 9 February 2015

Sleepover Club?

Disclaimer: Prepare for a splattering of my thoughts, in the form of a blog post. Oh & I'm about to get a bit soppy.

No, not about the man in my life, but about one of the leading ladies in my life. She's someone I've laughed with, cried with, cry laughed with, danced and sung my heart out with, holiday-ed with and spent the last seven years being best friends with! Her name is Charlie and she is one of the most amazing people I've ever met.

She genuinely is the Ginger Spice to my Posh Spice! (I totally wish I was 'Baby', but alas, 'Posh' has stuck! Not complaining though, I do love to rock an LBD)

The reason I thought I'd write this little post was due to a thought that popped into my head the other day....

One day, we'll be too old for sleepovers. 

We're 20 and the sleepovers come thick and fast when we're both home from university as we have to make the most of every moment. (I'll admit, the term 'sleepover' makes me cringe ever so slightly.. but lets face it, you're sleeping over, so there's not much else to call it!) But, I do realise there does come an age where, for most people, that probably stops? You're too busy with work, general life and too grown up for things like that.

In a moment of panic, of course I sent a little message to her and she reassured me that we'll make sure the sleepovers never stop. One day we'll be having pre wedding sleepovers and pregnant sleepovers, which for any girl is an exciting thought ey? (Don't panic boyfriends, we're talking 'the future' here!) It just made me sad to think that one day, we won't sit up talking until the early hours, falling asleep mid convo, then waking up for tea & breakfast together the next day. If there's anyone you can carry on doing those things with, as you get older, it's your childhood friends.

Can you really ever be 'too old' for something? Not at all, if you ask me. 

Things change as you get older, but if you enjoy something, why should you stop it just because you're 'too old'? You stop discussing the boy your fancy in your class and one directions new album (Okay, we totally still do this...) and start discussing the bigger things in life.

I'm not sure if I'm writing this to express how much I miss Charlie, or to celebrate future old age sleepovers... but lets go with it! I used to spend every day with Charlie at school and now that seeing each other is few and far between it really does suck and I miss her more than anything. I may be getting soppy, but when I really think about it, I really do miss having her in my everyday life. There are few people in my life I could slap with a piece of pizza and have them not only still be my best friend, but do it right back! (This actually happened, but it's a drunken tale for another time!) Basically, she's the best, I miss her and I totally enjoy a girly sleepover and don't want them to stop.

So, if I'm 70 and I want a sleepover with my best friend because I don't get to see her everyday/Want to sing to Spice Girls/Want to indulge in copious amounts of Cadburys Chocolate buttons, I'll do it. Okay?


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