Sunday, 8 December 2013

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1st December 2013 - 7th December 2013
(WARNING: I have managed to relate everything to christmas... I'm a little excited) 

(Photo From Pinterest. Source Unknown)

1. It's December! Therefore I can start playing christmas songs nonstop, I can wear christmas jumpers, eat loads of mince pies and just be as christmassy as possible whenever I can!

2. Buying Christmas presents for my loved ones. I love writing lists and being organised, planning what to buy each and every special person. Also, christmas hampers with homemade bits in are high on my list this year for presents for family, so browsing through blogs like Cider With Rosie & A Beautiful Mess has been lovely.

3. Having productive, yet lazy afternoons. Coffee in Caffe Nero and then a productive afternoon of me writing blog posts whilst Henry sorts out his band stuff. AND he's allowing me to listen to ONE christmas song... scrooooooge!

4. Getting the cutest reindeer stamp in my ticket en route back to Brighton on Monday.

5. Getting a free glass of champagne in L'occitane whilst christmas shopping!

6. I bought my first ever onesie... It's cute, christmassy and very cosy.

7. Making it on my uni end of term gig! Something like 300 bands auditioned, so I'm really greatful to have made it on! Get yourselves to Coalition in Brighton, Friday 13th for the gig!

8. Hearing my little brother say his one line from his Nativity play. He said it very very little enthusiasm, but it was super cute all the same.

9. Passing my first two uni assignments. Only 5% each, but every little counts!

10. Vanilla Chai tea. It's definitely a new favourite!

What made you happy this week? :) 


  1. Love this! I'm also completely in the Christmas spirit! Sounds like you've had a lovely week! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    - Courtney ♡

  2. Hahaa Vanilla Chai tea! I love the Vanilla Chai tea from Pret A Manger. And it's organic.

    Your blog is really nice! Only saw a few posts but each one has been positive and optimistic. It's soo nice. Happy New Year!

    1. aww thank you! Happy New Year too! Vanilla Chai tea is gorgeous! x


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