Monday 23 December 2013

Honey Roasted Nuts & Peppermint Creams

After reading Cider With Rosie's posts on her Honey Roasted Nuts and Peppermint Creams I was eager to give it a go myself and make a few gifts for people. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone, not just at christmas, but anytime of year! I don't do this quite as 'prettily' (is that a word...?) as Rosie, but they still taste great!

Peppermint Creams 
(Click HERE for a link to Cider With Rosie for the recipe! 
I'm also going to try these with milk chocolate and see what they're like!

Honey Roasted Nuts 
(Click HERE for the recipe on Cider With Rosie)
These are delicious and make your house smell good enough to eat! 

These take hardly anytime to make so for a quick make on Christmas Eve for some Christmas Day snacks, they are perfect! A huge thank you to Rosie for posting her recipes! 



  1. Those look.... PRETTY DAMN GOOD. Delicious actually. I love cashew nuts :3 Great post!

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