Monday, 8 January 2018

Bailey Nelson: Affordable & Stylish Glasses

When I popped on my glasses to go to the cinema and realised I'd been wearing the same pair for the past five years, I knew it was time to get my eyes tested and switch them for something a little more chic. 

I wanted a stylish pair that wouldn't break the bank and I also wanted to get anti-glare and scratch protection... which most of the time are additional extra at around £30+ each, eeek.

Bailey Nelson offer the absolute best service in my opinion. They have a great selection of frames, there's a shape and style for everyone and they're all a set price! This was a complete sway for me - any of the beautiful frames, with my prescription lenses plus the usual 'added extras' are considered essential, so anti-glare and scratch protection will cost you no more. There are are a few different bands of pricing, my new frames cost just £105 - which is a lot cheaper than designer frames in other stores (and that's without the extras!)

I popped into their Covent Garden store and the staff could not have been more helpful. They gave me opinions on the different frames I tried on (I'm the most indecisive person you'll ever meet, so that's v helpful), I already had my eye test results with my prescription, so they put my order in and within a week they had arrived back in store and were ready to be picked up. As simple as that!
I got the Parker glasses in 'Speckled Tort' and I want to wear them ALL the time.

I know, totally sounds like an AD (I wish!) but it's not. I was just so impressed with the service and price, there was no small print or strings attached, so I really can't recommend them enough!


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