Wednesday 3 January 2018

5 Things To Focus on in 2018 (+ hello NEW blog!)


A huge HEY to 2018 and big welcome to a rather snazzy looking re-designed blog! 

I do love a new year. I love that feeling of wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. It's funny how we all wait for a new year to make big changes, to shake things up, when really we could do it any day of the week, it's just that extra boost of motivation. This year though, I really do feel a shift as we've gone into 2018. If you've read my last blog post on my thoughts about 2017, you'll know how I felt about whether I had achieved enough, so going forward I really do want to change. 
To build my confidence, to say yes to more things, to just do, see, experience and live a little more.

A lot of my goals for the year go hand in hand. It feels a little strict to refer to them as 'goals' or resolutions', it's more so what I want to focus on to have a healthier and more productive year. 
I just need to look after myself a little better. You only get one body and we should all be treating it like a temple! I've got four things I'd really like to focus on this year - to have a better sleep pattern, to drink more water, to move more and find an exercise I enjoy and to be on my phone less. 
I spent most of 2017 working for myself... part time. Which meant I was in charge of when I worked, but I didn't need to work all the time. This resulted in little structure, a lot of distraction and hella procrastination! If I continue working for myself this year (who knows!) then I plan to structure my days more. I also hope (read: need) to get more work, so a busier life will naturally leave less time to faff about.
Similarly to above, I just want to invest my time better. Whilst the previous point relates more to work, this is more to my hobbies, interests and skills (which in turn will help my work). I want to learn more about my camera, discover photoshop properly, find out new ways to edit on Final Cut, experiment with my GoPro - to dedicate time to learning, rather than doing it as I go. Inspired by my brothers 12x16 project, I think I'll focus on a different topic monthly/bimonthly so I have a bit of a plan together. 
A more personal one, maybe a slightly odd one, but I just think I need to remember I'm an adult. I worry a lot about what people think. I worry about doing the wrong thing and getting in trouble or that I actually have no idea what I'm doing and just blagging my way through, sometimes I just need to sit back and remind myself I've got 23 years of life experience in the bank and I'm no where near as naive or inexperienced as I think I am. 
A big goal, but one I feel has to happen, or at least be on the way to happening, this year. Henry and I want to move in together and when our work situation clicks and works the both of us, that'll be our next step. I love living with my Mumma (and will weep when I move out properly!) but I know it's time for me to grow up and get my own little home. 

With a fresh new year and a brand new blog design (big thanks to the awesome pipdig for all the help!) I'm switching up my upload schedule too. 

There'll be one new blog post every Monday and a new video on my channel every Thursday - with bonus vlogs in between!

Here's to a creative, productive and bad-ass 2018!


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