Thursday 1 June 2017

Thanks Dad

With Father's Day coming up this month, I thought I'd spend a little time thinking of special moments I've shared with my Dad. The Car People got in touch about a new campaign about reflecting on the lovely times we have with our dads, particularly our favourite car journeys and I loved the idea.
One specific journey came to mind instantly. It was 10 years ago (which is crazy and I only know that because at the time my Step-mum was pregnant with my little brother.) My Dad was taking me down to Devon to see a group of friends in a theatre group perform their new production. At the time my Dad had just found out he was going to be playing guitar in the band for a production of We Will Rock You, so our long journey was spent listening to the Cast Recording on repeat. My dad and I have always shared a passion for music and I suppose this journey really stuck in my head for that reason. I'd never heard the cast recording of We Will Rock You before and I loved it instantly, everything about it and felt so proud thinking back to that time when I then saw him playing in the pit band months later. It's still a favourite of mine today and every time I listen to it I think of my Dad and that car journey when our shared love of music really came through. 

To anyone else, it might just sound like I listened to music in the car with my dad, nothing special... but that just goes to show how important the little moments, that we so easily take for granted, can be. 
What's your favourite car journey with your dad? 

*I was not paid to write this post. Thanks for asking me to be a part of the campaign.


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