Monday 26 June 2017

Girls Trip to Marbella

Dark blue skies outside, a chilly UK morning and an alarm buzzing at 3:30am... it's only ever okay when it's followed by a taxi to Gatwick and a flight to a beautiful, hot destination! 

By 11:30am we'd had a very early breakfast, snoozed in the air and we were stepping off the plane to be hit with the hot Spanish heat and greeted by Charlie's Dad. 

Charlie and I both snapped away on our phones and cameras the entire week, so I have lots of blog posts coming for ya. I thought I'd write a post on our holiday as a whole up, but expect outfit posts, beach club days and more of the beautiful scenery of Old Town, Marbella coming in the next few weeks. 

Prosecco at the Pool

Our first day was spent unpacking, lounging in the sun in the garden, enjoying a glass of prosecco and possibly developing an addiction to the new series of Love Island... This is what happens when you love a bit of trash TV and there's a TV outdoors so you can sunbathe whist enjoying it. I was adamant I would never watch, but I get the hype now, it's bloomin' wonderful. (Yeap, a post about my holiday and I'm waffling about Love Island.. it seemed to feature a lot!)

Watermelon Rubber Ring

On our first full day, we spent the day at Puro Beach. A very luxurious day dipping in and out of the pool, working on our tans and sipping on drinks from iced coffees to cocktails. Whilst it's super relaxing, there's music and a great vibe throughout the whole day - I would definitely recommend a day spent there if you're looking for that kinda thing. You get icy bottled water and fresh fruit when you get to your beds and the staff are really attentive and make sure you're having the best and most relaxing day. 

Beach Club OOTD
Beach Club OOTD

What I'm Wearing : 

Hat : Primark
Off Shoulder Top : Berska
Embroidered Shorts : Primark 
Pink Jelly Shoes : Ju Ju Jellies @ Accessorize 
Sunglasses : Topshop 

Puro Beach Pool
Puro Beach
Water & Fresh Fruit
Pina Colada
Puro Beach Club

On the Friday morning, Charlie recommended we headed to the Marbella Club's MC Cafe for brunch, which as expected was delicious. A fresh Orange Juice and a Mocha to drink, a Fruit Platter to share, Scrambled Eggs on toast for Charlie and Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Rye Bread for me. 

Pink Flowers
Fruit Platter
Smoked Salmon
Scrambled Eggs
Charlie at Breakfast
Pink & Purple Flowers
Charlie & Georgia
Selfie with my sun-kissed soul sis ·

On the Friday night we headed out to the Port for dinner and drinks. After devouring pizza and pasta at Picasso's we went to Astral for cocktails - if you are a cocktail lover you HAVE TO GO.  It's a cocktail bar that's the shape of a ship that serves the most insane, impressive and delicious cocktails - just look at them! Our favourites were a Pina Colada and a Lemon Cooler. 

Italian Resturant
Astral Cocktails
Astral Cocktails

A trip to the market (and a sunglasses and handbag purchase...) was followed by a beach day on Saturday. We had a lunch of Gambas Pil Pil (garlic & chilli prawns) with salad and refreshing frozen cocktails with Charlie's Nan then settled down on sun loungers for the rest of the day by the sea. Back massages, sea swims and ice creams were on the agenda for the rest of the day. 

Beach View

We decided we wanted to spend a day at another beach club on Monday, so we went to La Cabane. 
I seriously mean it when I say it was absolute paradise. I've actually got a full post on our day here coming in the next few weeks. But just look at it!

As it was our last proper night of the holiday (as our actual last night called for packing and very little alcohol with an early flight the next day!) we headed back to Astral for more cocktails.

Our Last Day. We lazed and sunbathed in the garden whilst catching up on Love Island (obvs), tested out the Go Pro in the pool (this brings hilarious results that definitely won't be featured on here, that's for sure!) and then got ready for an evening in Old Town, Marbella. 

I absolutely fell in love with this part of Marbella. Tiny cobbled streets, cute boutique shops, the hustle and bustle of Orange Square and the most beautiful light during sunset outside the church. I have a blog post with outfit shots and our evening here coming soon. 

Full of wine, pasta and the most insane dulce de leche ice cream from a small ice cream shop tucked away in Orange Square, we retried home to pack our bags and get a good nights sleep before we set off home the next day. 

I would definitely recommend the places we went to, especially La Cabane for that luxury vibe Marbella is known for, Astral for insane, tasty cocktails and a visit to Orange Square.

I had the best week with my best friend and made so many wonderful and hilarious memories that I'll treasure forever. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our holiday, I loved capturing it all and I'm really excited to share videos and even more photos over the next few weeks.  

You can see more photos on our Insta's:

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