Tuesday 9 August 2016

10 Things {8th August}

Recently I feel like I've been rushed off my feet, but also like I haven't really done much. How that works I'm not entirely sure, but either way it's made me decided that enough is enough and that it's time to start the scary job hunt, for real. So I'm taking step every day towards that, but definitely still finding time to enjoy myself, I've got a really fun week ahead!
(Taken whilst Berry Picking at Flower Farm. Full post coming Friday)

1. I GOT A FIRST! I am absolutely over the moon that I have been awarded a 1st Class Honours in my degree. Hard work (some breakdowns and some partying) really does pay off. 

2. All of the 90's vibes in my new Mom jeans. I've worn them non-stop recently as they've been perfect for the 'in between' weather we've been having recently. I feel like I've just stepped out of series 1 of Friends and I love it. 

3. Rainy August evenings spent on a date night at the cinema with my love. 

4. Summer fruit. All the cherries and strawberries please! 

5. Summer Party Plans. Henry & I are having our annual summer BBQ this weekend. I'm pinning all the recipes, drinks and decoration ideas. 

6. The beautiful bright pink lilies Henry got me to say well done on my degree! (Can someone tell me the mens equivalent of flowers? I need to congratulate him on his incredible mark too!) 

7.  Feeling swishy in my new H&M maxi dress.

8. Crisp, line-dried white bed sheets.

9. Seeing bright red strawberries on the hanging plant I bought my dad for father's day. They are the sweetest strawberries I've ever had.

10. Flicking through Country Living magazine. It's definitely a new favourite read. 

What's made you happy recently? :) 


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