Tuesday 12 July 2016

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So much for me announcing that I'm back... hello again blog. I really have missed you.
Let me update you all a little and explain why things haven't been too frequent on here or my YouTube channel. You may know, I finished my degree at the start of June and moved out of Brighton at the end of June. I already miss my little life in Brighton and I can't wait to move back there one day. Since I've been home, we've been redecorating my bedroom, which in case you haven't done it before, I'll warn you it is so much effort if you've not got painters and decorators coming in to do it for you. We've nearly finished all the sanding down, filling in, first coats, second coats, under coats and gloss coats and soon I'll be able to stop sleeping on the sofa and I can start making my room my own again! 

On top of this I've also had some seriously exciting jobs going on. You might of seen this blog post on Joe & Polly's Wedding and the wedding video I filmed for them... well I'm incredibly excited to say that their wedding was featured on Rock'n'Roll Bride with lots of lovely photos and my video! It quickly became the most popular weddings on Rock'n'Roll Bride... ever! 

I then got the opportunity to be the photographer for the Johannesburg - A South African Experience Exhibition at Lights of Soho, to celebrate South Africa and Mumford & Sons new mini-album 'Johannesburg'. It was so much fun, with some incredible music from The Very Best, Beatenburg & Jeremy Loops, wine tastings and some insane photographs lining the walls of the gallery. 

Due to these jobs (which I'm by no means complaining about!), spending my days covered in flecks of paint and having not one free surface to take nice blog photos on, I've fallen way behind on my blog. I've got a list of post ideas and videos ideas ready to go, I just need to find the time and quite literally the space to photograph, write, film and edit them. I've got a backlog of a few mini vlogs from my last term at uni that I'd like to get up on my channel so keep and eye out for those. 

I know I'm in a much better headspace when I'm in the swing of things on here, I love knowing that I've got photos ready to go, posts ready to publish and ideas on the go, so I'm determined to get back on it now things seem to be a bit calmer.

Phew. That was a ramble so give yourself cookies if you're still reading by now! 

See you very soon, promise. xxx


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  1. this all sounds so exciting! I hope we get to see photos of your room when it's done too! I have yet to find the time myself to sit down and catch up with youtube and things and the wedding video is still on my list of things to watch! It sounds like you have had some amazing opportunities to well done lovely!


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