Saturday 9 January 2016

Walking In The Winter Sunshine

When you spend the majority of your time living in the city, bouts of time in the country side are a very welcomed thing. It can get very hectic and fast paced in the city, I love a bit of time out on the beach every now and then whilst I'm there, one of the things I love most about Brighton. Before I headed back I wanted to fit in a nice countryside walk, to stretch my legs, fill my lungs with fresh air and snap some photos. I've mentioned before how much I miss trees whilst I'm away from home and it's still so true, especially from Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn, when you see the biggest and most beautiful changes. I wanted to share some of my photos, wearing my new super snuggly coat from Primark (fur lining is a DREAM) & taking in my last little bit of country air on a dog walk in Ashdown Forrest.



  1. This photos are so beautiful! Love the countryside in any season but for some reasons it looks almost magical in winter morning light!

    Giada | Miel Café


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