Sunday 3 January 2016

Hello 2016

If I'm honest, I don't mind the cliche 'new year, new me' posts that happen around this time of year. If people want to use the new year as a reason to better themselves then I am all for it! I love viewing a new year as a time for a clean slate. A blank canvas, ready to be filled with crazy adventures, lots of fun, many laughs and hard work. 

In 2016 I want to...

Focus on my blog and YouTube channel even more. Towards the end of 2015 I improved my photography and posted a lot more consistently and started to see an increase in my views and subscribers. I absolutely love every minute of time spent on my blog and YouTube channel, it is such a rewarding hobby to have. So much so that I want to experience that happiness even more in 2016. The feeling of publishing a post you are really, truly proud of is wonderful, so here's to creating more quality, professional, exciting content in 2016! I also want to dedicate myself more by attending more events, networking more, commenting more and making some blogger pals too!
Push myself for the next 6 months to really get the best degree possible. If I'm honest I'm not enjoying my university course as much as a I used to, I feel like I'm a bit bored of being a student and I'm excited (and terrified...) at the thought of delving in to the big wide world. But, there's six months to go and I have not worked this hard for nothing! I know I'll miss it once it's over so I'm going to work my butt of to make sure I get a degree I'm proud of!

Make some healthy changes. Now, I know you'll have heard this a million times and probably even declared it yourself, but I feel like it really is time to start making some changes, for my health and wellbeing, not just because I want to look like Michelle Keegan (Although that would be great...). I don't want to lose self-confidence because I've not even thought about a workout for a few weeks. I don't want to get daily headaches because I've had no where near enough water. I don't want to get ill and sluggish because I've only eaten rubbish for the past few days. I'm not going to be started any fad diets or suddenly going to become a complete gym bunny, but I'm looking forward to making a few changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Make the most of Brighton. My university course coming an end also brings to an end my living in Brighton. I can't tell you how sad this makes me feel as Brighton has captured a huge piece of my heart and will forever be one of my favourite places. Luckily, home isn't too far away, so visits will not be few and far between and I think I'll make it my home again one day. However, until then I want to make the most of this beautiful little city by the seaside! 

And lastly... to live a little more! To love more, to go on more adventures, to try new things, to travel more, to smile more, laugh more, LIVE MORE. 

I'm excited to starting painting my blank canvas, are you? 

Here's to a super sweet '16! 

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