Monday 29 December 2014

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

Something I like to do every year around Christmas is visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Henry and I headed up to London for a festive date night.

Twinkling christmas lists, mile high christmas trees, (over priced) mulled wine and lots of festive cheer.

It's best to go in the evenings, due to the atmosphere, but it normally means it's absolutely paaacked! 

There's music, rides and lights everywhere you look!

Sweet Tooth cravings kicked in and I needed a sugar rush, so went for a Nutella Crepe! 

Henry & I settled down at one of the tables in the Mirror Bar to watch Collectiva's second set of the day. 

Incredible vocals, funky bass solos, banging drums and some awesome guitar, Collectiva were sounding seriously great. Go and see them if you're there, it's open until the 4th January.

Crowds danced and sang right until the last note and they went down and absolute storm. 

Despite the crowds, it was a lovely christmassy evening with my Mr!

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas! 




  1. I love Winter Wonderland, I go there way too many times every year! It feels like you are in a other world! Lovely pictures! :) x


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