Friday 5 December 2014

Things I've Learned In My Teens

Although I'm insisting I'm twenteen, not twenty... here's 10 things I've learnt being a teenager. I am officially an adult now, scary scary scary...


1. Things Do Change.

Friendships start. Some friendships will end. Fights will happen. Tears will be shed. Lots of laugh will be roared. People might leave. People might return again. But, things do change, and although at the time it might be hard to deal with, I like to believe that everything happens for a reason. You get used to change, it becomes the norm.

2. If you're happy & doing what you love, what people think of you really doesn't matter.

There were people in my life who I was scared to be myself in front of. Those people were clearly not my best friends, so why did I care what they thought? If people judge you for doing what you love, that's their problem! This one takes time, I still tell myself it all this time!

3. Don't tell everyone who you fancy. 

You tell a few people, then suddenly the whole school knows. It gets embarrassing. Reaaaaal embarrassing. Also, don't think you'll never be kissed or you'll be single forever... you won't! 

4. Every girl is different. 

Not one girl is the same and although us girls can talk for hours about everything we have in common and everything we share, we do differ. You might have smaller boobs, you might start your period later than others or you might be really tiny and shadowed by giants, whatever it is, it will happen, just give it time! 

5. Save those memories. 

I will never ever tire of looking back at old diaries, notes, photos and books from school. So many laughs to be had. It's never not funny reading your 'Good' and 'Bad' lists of friends or 'Hot To Not' lists of boys... 

6. Tears, Work & No Sleep.

Those nights were your crying your eyes out at 1am, surrounded by books, paper, pens and notes, just try not to stress. I was the worst on these kind of evenings. But believe me, the tears do not help, just try and stay calm and do your best. Your teacher will not kill you if you've tried your best.  Looking back now, school was not as scary or as difficult as I thought it was at the time. 

7. If you don't want to do something, don't. 

I'm not talking if you don't want to run Cross Country, start a war with your PE teachers and say no. We have to do things like that, they suck, but we've all done it! I'm talking boundaries. Drugs, drinking, sex, peer pressure, anything. If you're not comfortable, please don't feel you have to go along with things, just to fit in or look 'cool'. True and best friends will completely understand. 

8. Saying that, Don't forget to live a little.

I wrote this post 'Live a Little' a few months ago. Don't be boring, do new things, say yes to things, don't wallow in sadness, get yourself out of it! 

9. Get a Saturday Job. 

The summers where I had that little bit of extra money were great. The feeling of asking Mum and Dad for a tenner every few days isn't great for either of you! Get a little bit of independence and earn some money!

10. Do some exercise, get a hobby! 

I always hated exercise (I still do...) but I used to dance as a hobby at least three times a week. I never saw it as 'a workout', it was one of my favourite things to do, I met one of my best friends for life there and it gets you doing things in your spare time! I actually miss dancing now and is something I definitely want to do again! 

Just a few things I've learnt in the last 7 years of being a teen! I could go on forever and probably give advice for days, but I'll leave it there.

Are you in your twenties? What would your top tips be? 




  1. Don't tell everyone who you fancy is the truiest thing ever. seriously! People can't hold their own pee! Xxxx

    1. haha! So true, it's one that really stood out as a tip to me, it caused a lot of tears ahah! xx


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