Monday 22 September 2014

Student Bedroom Tips

This was meant to be filmed as a Youtube Video, along with my university series, but in an error on my behalf of planning to film when I had actually already moved half my stuff into my flat... that wasn't possible. Not to the standard I wanted it to be anyway!

So, here are my top tips for saving space and making your university bedroom your own!

(I do not own this image. Source Unknown... but how unbelievably cool is this?!)

Pin up!
I lived in a flat, not university halls, so I was allowed to put pin boards up. In halls, I wouldn't put anything up on the walls but most of them already have big pin boards up. If not, have one leaning against the wall on you desk or something. It's lovely to have photos, messages, notes and reminders up!

No monsters under the bed? Then get some storage boxes!
These are great to have if you have space under your bed if your bed base isn't solid. Double check before you buy them though, otherwise they take up a lot of room.

Fairy Lights!
Candles aren't allowed in a lot of student residences, so fairy lights are a lovely alternative. Or you have both, if you're like me!

Radiator hooks & Door hooks will come in very handy for every space to dry clothes, or hang jackets!

Wedge that door!
 If you're in halls, keep your door open whilst you're setting up and unpacking. People are then able to stop and say hello, knocking on a door can be a little intimidating!

Tidy room, Tidy mind! 
I know I'll be able to think a lot more clearly if my room is tidy. Clutter isn't good for me!

Plants & Flowers 
They bring life into a room. If you think you can't keep them alive, get some pretty fake ones for a splash of colour!

Most of all, make it a place where you feel at home and happy to be!


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