Friday 12 September 2014

Croquet, BBQ's & Fires.

A warm midsummers day, one perfect for a bbq full of friends!

Henry had some friends from university staying at his new family home, so took the opportunity to to have everyone over for a bbq. 

After a rushed morning of tired band members, the morning after a gig, whizzing around various super markets to buy burgers and beers, we thought we'd relax and start the bbq with a game of croquet. 

Seriously sophisticated for us students! 

Tired and quite positively famished from our two games... (ha!) we retired to the table and got the bbq going! 

We laughed and drank, then indulged once the food was done! 

I made Lemon Drizzle Cake that went down an absolute storm. I wish I'd made more, it was gone in a heartbeat! 

That afternoon we grazed and picked at the yummy food, we drank, we played with Hen's doggy, Milo, we laughed and we caught up on what had been a busy summer! 

How stunning is Lucy's maxi dress from Topshop?!

Then, it was time for another game of croquet. 

Luce & I were determined to win...

We lost. Big time. Last, in fact. 

Clearly, croquet isn't our forte! 

The sun started to set and the air cooled a little, but determined to enjoy what was left of summer. We stayed out until the early hours. 

Fire pit and chiminea a' blaze. 

I could of taken photos of the smouldering logs and coal for hours.

When the sun had disappeared and the moon was shining brightly, we all sat around the fire pit. 

Couples kissed and cuddled, old friends laughed about past times, new friendship started, friends joked and caught up on each others lives and we all buzzed about our next year at university
. Everyone was merry, happiness and positivity filled the smoky, warm air.
Waving a hello to the autumn that's just eagerly waiting to arrive, we toasted marshmallows until we physically could fit any more in. 

One by one and couple by couple, we start to slink off to rest our eyes after a long and fun day. 

The perfect way to end Summer.


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