Tuesday 24 June 2014

Lets Go To The Beach-each...

Recently the weather in the UK has been absolutely glorious.
 It's only June and we've had scorching hot summer days. 
(Hot enough to make me swim in the sea in Brighton and that means it must be hot, trust me...)

These photos are nothing special, just a few snaps from my iPhone from various beach days. 
They bring a smile to my face every time, happy days and memories.

If only beach hair was normal hair...

best friends and beach days!

Do you ever get those days were you just want to spend sometime just 'me, myself and I'? I grabbed a trashy novel, sushi, rose lemonade and just settled down on the beach for the day. It was really lovely to just listen to the sound of the sea and enjoy some 'me' time.

Run and jump!


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