Thursday 15 May 2014

Jamie's Italian!

Granny & Pa came down to Brighton to take Henry and I out for lunch, so we went to one of our favourite places, Jamie's Italian. 

This place is super lovely. It's not overpriced, in fact the prices are so reasonable (we're student's and we still eat there!) you can guarantee the food will be amazing and it's pretty cool inside, with really lovely staff too. 

I ordered my favourite drink, a Non-alcoholic Ginger Mojito, which is pretty much a 'must-have' every time I go. Really refreshing & it looks great; Satisfying on the tastebuds and the eyes!

 I had a 'Meat Plank' which is a combination of the loveliest meats, cheese and vegetables, Henry & Granny went for 'Crispy Squid' which is to die for, especially dipped in the garlic mayo and Grandpa went for 'Crab & Avocado Bruschetta', which I've never had but it looked great!

Just look at this beast of a burger! Pilled high with bacon, gherkins, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella and onion relish. The most popular choice this time, though, was pizza!

The one pictured below was the special; mozzarella, sausage meat, sultana's (Yes, I'm a fruit on pizza kinda gal) and red onions.

So after all that food, lots of laughs and reminiscing over funny family stories, it was time for dessert.
I'm such a dessert person, not matte rhow many savorythere is always room for dessert! Henry on the other hand is not, so opted for tea, I went for Tiramisu & G&G went for lemon sorbet.

Had to get a snap with my lovely Grandpa!


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  1. I LOVE Jamie's Italian. I've only eaten there once before but it was such a memorable meal, and as you said it's such a great price for what you get. Looks like you had a great meal, and that's such a lovely picture with your grandpa :) x
    Sarah -


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